Feather hair extensions

Women have decorated themselves with jewelry, head dresses, and body art since the creation of man. The styles and expressions have shifted over the centuries, but by 2010 they have begun showing a step towards a natural direction. Feathers!

They're fastened in just like other extensions. Each natural hair extension has an individual feather affixed to the bottom and is braided and attached to your real hair using a small bead like a regular hair extension (no glue, heat or weaving is involved in the process).

For a subtle look, you can choose a feather that blends in with your hair, while a bolder, rocker-tinged ‘coif
is easy to create with brightly-colored feathers and multiple extensions.

I've gotten some different time quotes on these things... anywhere from 8 -10 weeks from one source & 4 months to a year depending on care. The feathers can be straightened, blow dried, curled, and gently brushed and the feathers color does not fade.


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  2. Stunning! I just knew about Tape and Clip In Hair Extensions, I have never heard about feather extensions but i must say they are amazing than everything. I am going to try them soon.


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