velvet night,
hold me tight
you've seen my soul,
I've been exposed
words like violence,
break the silence
they come into me


Photos by Astrid Salomon
Artist retains all rights.

Shout out - AUS

Shout out to Australia!
G'day to the mates down unda!


Just because it tastes sweet on the way down, doesn't mean it's not poison.

Explosions tick off in my head
sparkling cracks like fireworks
on long fuses
my mind hums
the sound amplifies
& soon I'm drowning under
the sheer weight of it all
I hear a snap and
thunder and my brain rattles
inside of my skull
prickling, spine tingeling
acheing poison

~S.I.M. ('08)

Foul forgets the heart

Foul forgets the heart
Howl the horror kept in the dark
Sunshine lady locked away
Undone time baby, knock today
To find a way
To stay
To save you
Be brave for you
Directed undetected at the perpetrator
The traitor
Who did you wrong
This is your song
Here beating in my chest
Ephemeral fleeting, heartbeats like the rest
The chalice is tipped
To my lips
I sip
This chilled unwanting
This skilled bitter sting
I'll savor the flavor to the last drop
Waiting for the aftershocks
And contemplate our fate
Turn it over & debate
Whether it's too late
For us
The way our lives are entwined
Hoping God will send me a sign
Rapture & bliss
Wrapped up in a kiss
Divine and sublime
Escape is mine
Touching my thighs
Longing lust in your eyes
Lacking clarity
From sanity
Just for the chance to be
To breathe
Your hands on me
Nothing to decide or see
Just let it be
Just exactly what I wanted
Yet here I find myself feeling haunted
This feeling will remain
Torturous, we must abstain
This feeling will go on
Yet still I'll sing your song
Something's out of sorts
& somewhat always wrong

written a long time ago by


Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

Artist retains all rights.

Things I love: looking into the eyes of your beholder

you say you want to see me

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nirrimi Hakanson Photography


A link to MORE NIRRIMI HAKANSON Photography

Artist retains all rights.


darkness sinks in, creeps in, slinks and steals in,
deep in
seeping over babies sleeping
wrapping its arm around me
quietly we stroll
reverberations of the past reminding me
of who I want to be
ought to be
who I struggle against, who struggles against me
penny forthwith we see
too much time
not enough time to me

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