Kanye West? Really?

So, I'm not exactly a fan of Kanye West. (I do, however, like some of his music.)
But he keeps surprising me.

A while ago I posted about Takashi Murakami, who'se art I like a lot. Link here.
I was surprised to learn that he had done the cover art for Kanye West. I kind of dismissed it as an interesting sort of non-thing (trivia, maybe?). I didn't really give it a second thought.

Today, I was browsing the work of George Condo.

& as I was browsing, I realized I recognized one of his pieces - not from an art site, not from a gallery site, but from Kanye's cover art.

After a little investigating I discovered that the George Condo actually designed a line of T-shirts for Kanye West , first unveiled at Coachella 2011. Each shirt features artwork from the album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” (Highsnobiety.com)

So, Kanye as a purveyor of fine art... hmm; who knew?

Artist retains all rights.

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