Peter Lindbergh

I posted a while back on lisa-fonssagrives-and-marion-cotillard, with the more contemporary shoot captured by Peter Lindbergh (2008).

I thought it was interesting how the two shots were being compared online, simply based on locale - The Eiffel Tower.

Then I discovered Peter Lindbergh has shot on the Eiffel Tower more than once.

Mathilde sur la Tour Eiffel, 1989
I can see this shot inspiring the Dior campaign for sure.
Edgy, solitary, tender, angelic, rough, evocative, emotional.
Her gaze, the body language, I like it all.
Then, flash forward to 2009 & you get this shot of Kate Winslet in NYC.

And then the cover in color...

This shot, clearly, an ode to Erwin Blumenfeld.
The lines, the dress, ethereal/floaty, the gesticulation/articulation of Ms. Winslet.

The original:

 Interesting comparisons.

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