Night cuts

Velvet crush, black midnight the crash, the wreckage of a million pieces of glitter flung throughout the heavens.
Arranged by chance, haphazard by design, glorious in their misplaced, mistaken tome.
Hazy shades looked down as honor and innocence were raped ugly.
Broken dreams lay littered perfectly across the dark abyss of night.
My night, you are my cover against the fear, you wrap me up against the unforgiving light of day.
You keep me safe & warm, bundled inside the cocoon of our forgetfulness.
Here we need not recall the pain.
Here we need not recount the horrors.
Abuses fizzle out like stars in the morning, mere pinpricks of light dissolving in the sanguine peach glow.
Vaulted spires edged out by dawn. I fly into your embrace, harbored, settled against the cruelty of memory.
Minuscule my hearts desires seem, molecules stacked throughout the universe.
Stay with me a while and help me close the past away.
Help me forget the weight of history.
Shake the torture of those nightmares. Fold into bed tonight.

Jan '13

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