Backless Chairs


So, I saw these cute backless chairs on the Haiku Mill site (, also on FB).

I will go on & on & on & on about how AHHHH-mazing I think the Mill is in another post. But for now, these chairs. How cute are they?

I searched all over the Internet trying to find something like em. No luck.
The closest I came was these.

They're from  & of course, stunning, but they have a bit of a stunning price tag too ($1425 each).
& if you like the set, which I do, that cost adds up quickly.
Not that I mind paying for good design, it's just that, jeesh... I should probably buy groceries too, huh?

So, I'll be on the lookout for (slightly more affordable) adorable backless chairs to put in my home sometime in the future.

P.S. the site has some SUPER cool designs (& some odd ones too). I'd suggest you peruse them at your leisure. Fun, fun.

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