New Year

Last year one of my friends, Kauʻi, stated that she was going to change her family's diet. She & her family are Hawaiian & speak only Hawaiian at home. So, culture is real big to her. One of the things she wanted to do was return to a diet more consistent with her Polynesian heritage. I remember real clearly her saying to me that she was just tired of all the excess.

Today, that's how I feel. I'm tired of the excess. I feel that Hedonism is a struggle for me. I love food & that's natural, but I need to be healthier about my choices. I haven't worked out since last Spring & last years resolution... to drink more water, failed miserably (& it was such a simple one!).

So today, 1/1/11 I am making another simple resolution (I need to keep things simple if they're gonna last me all year long). My resolution is to be more conscious & strive for balance.

These are goals I keep forward in my mind often anyway, but not all the time. & I allow myself to get caught up in what's pleasurable instead of keeping my focus on what I need to. I will be aware of what I fuel myself with... not only food, but how I feed my soul. I will avoid negativity & stay present as much as possible. I will be more deliberate in my choices and cognizant of them.


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