Mmmmkay, so I haven't been posting too much lately. There's been too much going on in my life.

But I wanted to take a moment to stop & process something a friend said to me quite some time ago... but it's been on my mind, so...

We were having a conversation about colors. & the color red came up. & we talked about how red is a passionate color. Red is the color of lust, of desire, sensuality & love.
& romance too. I mean, think about it, Valentine's day is all commercial red.
But not only is red a positive color ~ love etc., red is also a color or extremes.
Red is the color of heat, the heat of passion, or the heat of anger, betrayal, rage.
Red is the color of power ~ assertive red Tiger shirts, or abusive, corrupt & domineering power...
Red can represent hatred, struggle.
Red comes from within. Red is our pulse. Red is alive.
One color, so many different dimensions. How interesting.

The color red stimulates faster heart rate & respiration.
Like the LBD, the Little Red Dress is a show stopper too.
Red cars the targets of police needing to meet quotas & thieves as well.
If you paint your kitchen red chances are you will want to eat more, as it may stimulate your appetite.

When I was younger I used to HATE the color red... pink too for some reason.
But today, looking over these images, I can absolutely see the true beauty of the color. It's got a heartbeat of it's own.
It vibrates with incredible intensity, it's an emotional color.
It's can be loud & powerful, or soft & alluring...

Classic Versace Red

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